Inspiration...from groups to hashtags

There is not one day that I let go without checking Instagram and/or Flickr.  When & how I use Flickr vs Instagram?
  • Flickr for organization of my own photos (albums, sets, groups)
  • Instagram for the on the go inspiration (mobile / tablet)
  • Flickr for history as I find it easier to check prior activity than on Instagram
  • Instagram to connect with others
Favorite Flickr Groups
Favorite Instagram Hashtags
  • Spinning: #handspun, #igspinners, #spunday, #handspuntagram, #howispin
  • Knitting: #knitting, #sockdrawer, #operationsockdrawer, #knittersofinstragram
Can you recommend any other group or hashtag? And, if you are curious, the yarn above is my first Malabrigo ever. It is deep, deep stash. One day it will become an FO. Hopefully.

Oh Nuts!

This is one of three Spun Right Round Yarn & Fiber Company braids my carefully selected Santa (aka husband) gifted me two years ago.

Although I adore anything labeled Spun Right Round, the colors of this particular fibre are not ones I tend to go for. I had to put some effort to make it my own. The initial attempt was to spun as is and navajo ply to maintain the color sequence. However, the singles on the first bobbin were too thin as seen on the picture above - right bobbin. The new plan was to aim for stripes. For the second bobbin, I separated and spun the colors in a specific sequence.

The yarn shows a lovely barber pooling along with some yellow, white and brown solids--creating random stripes. Love it!

This is the first time that I try the long draw draft. It isn't my most even yarn but I am really proud for trying a new technique. Long draw produces airy, fluffy yarn. I think I will use the skein as a pillow until I find suitable project.

  • Fiber: Merino
  • Colorway: Oh Nuts! 
  • Weight: Sport
  • Yardage: 375 yds. approximately (measured  with a "yarn balance" which I know is not 100% accurate due to the nature of handspun; but is good enough for me on a quiet Sunday)

Long term shawl

This is a modified version of the 22.5 degrees shawl pattern by Martina Behm. What's not to love?
  • It works well with variegated  yarns
  • It can be easily modified (size and edging)
With this project I can go long bragging about deep stashing, planning and/or process vs. product knitting. But that will be...uhhm...misleading. The facts are:

2012: bought yarn variegated yarn during the flashy Eat. Knit. Sleep Black Friday sale wishing I would get the 100% off discount. Wishful thinking!

2013: cast on during Christmas vacation.

2014: forgot project as soon as I got home from said vacation. Cast off mid year.

2015: decided it was about time to block & wear the shawl.

Details and mods on the project page. I really like this simple shawl!