She should not know...

This hat is perfect for my five year old daughter. Please don't tell her that was totally unintentional and that she is really getting it because is too small for me.

Dreiecke was designed by Shannon Cook of Very Shannon. I have been following Shannon's blog for a long time. Her transformation from blogger to knitting and sewing designer, author and entrepreneur is admirable.

My modifications:

Read carefully if you want to knit a kids hat. Ignore in any other circumstance. 
  • I did not check my gauge 
  • I casted on ten more stitches than recommended to compensate knitting with DK instead of worsted weight yarn. The arbitrary number of stitches just seemed right. 
I would love to knit this pattern again. Next time, hopefully, for me.

My dear handspun yarn

I cannot stop admiring the colors of my latest handspun yarn out of Spun Right Round fiber.

Renee Hahnel, from Spun Right Round, has an incredible talent and eye for color. It is dangerous to "check out" her store. You will end up enhancing the stash--needed or not. Unless you are not human. And, if that is the case, this may not be your kind of blog.

The bundle of joy is a three ply, sports weight Merino in color way "Glow Sticks", 374 yards. Not my most even handspun yarn...but, I am crazy in love with it as is.  It will sit in my stash until I find the perfect pattern or get tired of petting it--whatever comes first.

Handspun project page: here. Hope you are loving your stash as much as I am adoring mine.

In Progress: A cardigan and some more

Liv only needs a front band to be an official finished object! I am pretty happy with this cardigan; it looks nice and fits well. Project page: here.

Some people have asked about the yarn. It is 100% SW Merino from the Lion Brand Collection line. I bought four skeins in the Lion Brand Yarn Studio in New York City several years ago. So far, I have nothing negative to say about the yarn.

I finished a square for another Bertie's blanket. My dear friend Sam is collecting squares to eventually seam them all and then donate the lovely blanket to a hospice. You can find all the  details of this special project here.

Keep your favorite beverage close and your wool closer. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.