Spin, spin, spun

This past week's progress was mostly in the hand spinning department.

I finished plying the Merino, Alpaca and Nylon blend and ended up with 568 yards in a fingering to sport weight two ply yarn. Is woolen and therefore extra squishy.

From soft colors, I moved to dark jewelry tones. This is a Merino and Silk blend from Wandering Wool.

It was dyed as a gradient. I separated the three colors so I have more flexibility to play with the final yarn.

Hope you are having a lovely day. Until next time!

Spring crafting

And Spring is here!!! The season brings beautiful flowers, nasty allergies and asthma and adorable knitting and spinning.

In my mind, I am a much better knitter than in 2013, the year I first attempted knitting Mainline of the Scarves 2013, etc. collection. Back then, I threw the towel after getting insanely confused with the pattern. Everything went wrong...there was no choice than to hide the project in the closet.

A couple of days ago, I convinced myself that I would win over the scarf. A good reading of the pattern, gazillion stitch markers and a better attitude is making this an enjoyable knitting the second time around. Never give up knitters of the world!

Giving my overflow of positivism, I decided to also spin a batt for the first time. The batt turned out  to be rolled combed top (non spinners, take my word: a batt is not the same as combed top). Oh well...so much for paying attention.

The singles are very thin. I see a long plying session in my bright future. Not complaining; the blend of alpaca, merino and nylon is super soft and nice to work with.

A year older...

What a month so far. Birthday, surprise vacation and hand made Valentines had bring so much joy. I am older but just as happy :-)

For my birthday, my husband surprised with a romantic Caribbean vacation. Not only we stayed in beautiful place but he also scored tickets to see my favorite Latin American singer -- she gave a concert in Dominican Republic for Valentines Day!

It was one of the best gifts ever! Great music, succulent food, new friends, fun knitting and warm weather.

Here are some pictures of the trip. The full album is here.

A dear friend gifted me a pattern for my birthday. Seemed logical to cast on my way to Dominican Republic. This shawl is a joy to knit. Project details: here.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend.