Forget FOs, think WIPs

Today is my first of a few days off work. I want nothing but to have a joyful time with my family, spinning wheel and knitting.

First project in the needles is this scarf inspired by a free pattern from Jane Richmond, Mustard Scarf. I plan on using up all the yarn, making it longer than instructed. I am almost decided on seaming the ends and converting into an infinity scarf. I will make the decision after blocking.

Also in progress are the Maine mittens from Carrie Bostick Hoge's Swoon Maine book. They are very easy and quick to knit. One done, one to go.

Finally, I have been spending quality time with my spinning wheel and some Pigeonroof Superwash BFL. The colors are spectacular!

What are you working on? If you are in the United States, I hope you have a nice and safe holiday.

Handspun warmth

"Life must be lived and curiosity kept alive. 
One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life." 
--Eleanor Roosevelt

And with that...let's turn our attention to wool.

The iconic Age of Brass and Steam came back home. This time with a few modifications such as: handspun Alpaca yarn (dark brown), stripes and picot edging. This is my third Age of Brass and definitely not the last.

I am amazed of how well the stitches look considering most of the shawl is my handspun. The light brown is commercial Brown Sheep in Sports weight.

Keeping the handspun theme, this is my latest skein. It is Corriedale handprinted by the wonderful and local Gale's Art. And art it is.

Have a mindful, peaceful weekend. Keep creating....

Lost and found

Little blog, so sorry that I haven't visit with you the past months. I was so busy and overwhelmed with work and changes that I could not bring myself here. Let's call it a "pity phase". I am now ready to get my act together.

Bought this Malabrigo Nube fiber during a visit to Nashville. The color is awesome but the fiber was a bit felted which made spinning consistently a joke. Plan to knit the Shoreline vest because nothing makes less sense than using 570 yards of colorful handspun for my first vest.

This mystery fiber was spun in a spindle and plied on a wheel. Not ready to let go, I broke into my starter kit and dyed the yarn into a semi-solid.

Socks need heels. I am thirty something years past my tube sock days. Over-dyed the leftover yarn into a saturated purple to be used for the heels. Think big, use stash.

I will be back soon. I missed you my little space in the "webs".