About Stash Enhancement

Still valid is my goal of being mindful about stash enhancements. I am not one to get stressed about any upcoming show update. I don't have to knit with the hottest yarn in the market. But, if a skein strikes my fancy, I will let it come home without guilt.

I am enamored  with this Swans Island yarn. Check out their beautiful website: here.

Organic Merino | 525 yards | Fingering Weight | Natural Color Collection

The second skein screams "tropical spring" to me. It is from Three Irish Girls.

Adorn Sock | 430 yards | Fingering Weight | Wendy Darling colorway

Don't you think the yarns go along well? I need pattern ideas. Suggestions are very welcomed.

For a very practical discussion about stash enhancement, I recommend watching episode three of the "Hand Me My Knitting" podcast around the 22:41 time mark. Link here.

My Quiet Journey

Anyone out there? It is so nerve wracking to post after a long hiatus.

My unintended break gave me space to accept that I cannot do it all every single day. It gave me stenght to recognize that something gotta give. Knitting, spinning, posting, social media took a back seat as I was too overwhelmed with changes, unrealistic expectations and some failures. Things took a turn when I came back from a short vacation and decided to embark in a healthier eating and exercising journey. Slowly, but steadily, getting back to crafting eased my mind and changed my mood. Body and mind are now in a calmer and happier state.

With that...here is a finished object!

My Quiet Journey is finished. The pattern was a gift from a dear friend, Andi of My Sister's Kniter. I want to knit this again but in Fingering weight.

The shawl used three skeins of O-Wool DK Legacy, base that is apparently discontinued. Luckily, O-Wool still carries Classic Worsted.

Look at that color and stitch definition...can I ask for more?

Project page: here.

Wordless Wednesday

Wolle's Yarn Creations Color Changing Cotton

[Irish Stone]