Stash Enhancement - Quince & Co. Osprey

Today's post is about Quince & Co Osprey which will hopefully become a cardigan soon (soon enough to wear in the next winter season).

The traveler in the house, also known as the husband, surprised me last year with my first Quince&Co. skeins after a business trip. His friends at Looped Yarn Works in Washington, DC recommended this awesome American yarn. He also chose this pattern. I am super proud to report that Julieta is finished and in line for pictures/posting.

My husband travels to Washington DC quite often. Therefore, he was running out of ideas on souvenirs to bring home. Before one of his last trips, I conveniently showed him this adorable cardigan by one of my favorite designers. What did my man do? To my "astonishment" he got the yarn for the cardigan. I intensely love my man (and the yarn he brings home).

I adore the colors of the original pattern. That is what I (he) got: Quince & Co. Osprey colors: Iceland, Belize and Honey.

[insert happy dance here]

FO: Gemini

I would like to meet another knitter that loses interest in the projects at almost the finish line. I cannot be the only one in this boat. I have the bad habit of casting on something when all I should be doing is blocking a project to call it done. Is this knitting ADD?

My poor Gemini was just blocked. It has been inside a project bag most of its life. Don't know why--because I do like it. If fits well. Is a functional piece. What is wrong with me??

This is a free pattern designed by the talented Jane Richmond. The lace portion gave me hiccups but the rest was easy peasy to knit. And, as suspected, there is nothing wrong with the pattern. Evidenced by the 1,300 projects on Ravelry.

I see a second Gemini with long sleeves in my future. Project details: here.

WIP: Spring spinning

If I say "spring" a million times, will I get to feel like is spring? Fake it 'till you get it? It was 28 degrees this morning. Let's not forget I am writing to you from the South. That South that is very close to beaches and beautiful lakes. Weather is supposed to be warmer this time of the year. Someone did not get the memo.

While it doesn't feel like spring, I am spinning like it is. Wonderful, bright colors are flying off my wheel. I have spun eight ounces the past weeks. A new record for me. Handspun details: here and here.

Links to love:

Clara Yarn? Yes, please!

This list made me think about spring wishes and goals.

A great navajo plying video tutorial can be found here.

Have a great week!