Another week, another shawl

This pattern cannot be more simple; endless garter stitches with purl rows here and there. Some might find this very boring. I decided it was a perfect source of relaxation after hectic workdays. Call it garter therapy.

The yarn is the protagonist. Tern is, like other Quince & Co. yarns, a pleasure to knit with. The shawl is light and easy to wear. I think it will transition well into Spring.

I love the wrong side of the shawl...apparently...hmm...see above for details :-)

Pattern: The Big Blue by Meg Gadsbey
Ravelry project page: here

(Public service announcement: dark chocolate is full of antioxidants = good for you, good for me!)

Wordless Wednesday

Manos del Uruguay Fino [Rosewater]

Back to the eighties

Please be aware that you are about to see very bright colors. Proceed with caution!

My husband bought me some fiber at the fabulous Looped Yarn Works in Washington, DC. If you are ever in the area, that is a recommended stop.

This is Targhee dyed by Knitted Wit. Love, love her Gilmore Girls KAL yarn, by the way.

Back to the point. The fiber was well prepped and easy to spin. It is not my most even handspun as I rushed somehow when plying it. Not a problem; my stash welcomes diversity with open shelves.

I don't have any projects in mind. It is almost impossible for me to look at this skein without a smile in my face. That is more than enough for now.