What's with the purple?

When you are non sock knitter, every completed pair is a victory. I just finished the second Crazy Zauberball sock!!

I was one pair of socks short on the three I planned to knit last year. Rather than being defeated, I opted for extending the time frame of such goals. I am the boss of my knitting :-)

My three pairs of socks are somehow the same colors. Totally unplanned, but amusing.

I also finished spinning, plying and washing the Merino fiber. I got close to 480 yards. I am looking for a good matching color for a shawl. A bright fuchsia might look good.

Hope that you are having fun with your wool. Have a great day!

Ruins & Handspun

Last Saturday, I dragged my family to a park forty-five minutes away from the city.  Our hiking adventure took us to the ruins of an textile mill that was burned during the Civil War.

Of course, I had to run to my spinning as soon as we got home. I bought this fiber from Moonwood Farm at the Atlanta Spring Fling. It is 21 micron Merino--super soft fluff. 

Singles number one was spun on my cherished Turtle Made Turkish Spindle. The second singles and plying were completed on my Louet Julia wheel. This was not a "jump in the couch out of excitement" project but, I am quite pleased with the handspun.

Hope that you are enjoying your projects. Relax and enjoy the day!

My long weekend plans

Many living in the United States are in the midst of traveling and/or getting ready for family gatherings to celebrate Independence Day. We do not have plans other than laugh and eat. I will selfishly add knitting and spinning to the schedule.

What have kept me busy lately? I am fighting second sock syndrome with plain vanilla, non matching socks. The yarn is Schoppel-Wolle Crazy Zauberball in color way Filederduft.

I spun my first "fuzzlings" from Fondant Fibre. The fiber is a delicious blend of BFL, Teeswater and Mulberry Silk. Final yardage is around 380 yards. It is so hard to resist getting more "fuzzlings" for my unofficial participation in the Tour de Fleece! Maybe if I join a team and make it official...you know, there is a coupon code and everything...15% off!

Wishing everyone a peaceful and joyful weekend...until next time!