Short & Sweet

I finished spinning the Treasure Island singles. The fiber was easily spun despite the time it had been sitting in my stash. I am going to Navajo-ply the singles.

Turns out that I have a matching project bag. Looks like I like happy colors as much as I like happy hours!

Hope you are having a lovely Valentine's day--if you are in the United States and feel like celebrating love & friendships. I am certainly a fan of any celebration that involves chocolate.

Weekends are good (most of the time)

I have been under the weather the past couple of days. Yesterday, after a mid-day tennis practice, I crashed in my sweet bed. All that rest paid off. I feel much better today. I greeted my WIPS with a smile and even changed my PJ's to go outside!

We discovered a new park that not only is beautiful but has a covered playground! That is like finding an oasis in the dessert.

I am on the border of this shawl. The finish line is close. I love this green yarn hand dyed by Nooch Fiber. The base is Midtown Sock, a fingering weight that comes in a generous 463.0 yards or 423.4 meters skein. The pattern is equally lovable and free!

I am spinning some Bluefaced Leicester fiber in the color way "Treasure Island" from Fiber Charmer. Yes, the color is a bit vibrant. No, I don't have a plan for the handspun.

Can't wait to get back to my wool. Hope we all have a great week!

Happiness in bulkiness

Bulky yarn, lovely pattern and a happy knitter created this cowl.

I used Universal Yarn Deluxe chunky (100% wool) in color way 3735. I bought this yarn on my first Stitches South--years ago! It feels good to use up the stash.

The pattern is Blue Streak by Wendy Chapman. She is also the designer of other adorable patterns like Trinue and Millstream hat.

My new cowl is super warm and perfect for the chilly Atlanta mornings. I give this project five chocolates--that should tell you something. Project page: here.