I’m getting ready to start my holiday knitting. In the ideal world these holiday projects are not to be revealed until December 25th. But that is a long time for keeping a secret – a skill I have not mastered yet.

I have selected the patterns and will choose the yarn next. This is taking longer than usual because I cannot make my mind on where to buy the yarn. I really want to support my local yarn stores but at the same time I am lured with the competitive prices of online stores. Since time is of essence, the plan is to visit my LYS and fall in love with a yarn and marry it (no worries, I will pay for it). Then I will buy online whatever I did not get at the store. I am at peace with my plan of supporting the community and my bank account.

Do you know that a mocha coffee paired with a marble loaf clears your mind and helps you make decisions….just saying!

Holiday Knitting Patterns

Etsy Love: Yarn Girl Knitting by Sara Olmos of Teconlene

(Go check her other prints before I buy them all)
Yarn Girl Knittin by Sara Olmos - Teconlene via Etsy.com

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