National Blog Posting Month

Today is the first day of the National Blog Posting Month and I’m excited to be part of this huge virtual event. This little blog has given me so much satisfaction in such a short period of time. Writing about knitting helps me fight stress and daily life anxiety. Here, I am free to dream about luxury yarns, beautiful handmade items or elaborated patterns. There are no judgment or expectations involved. Just pure joy of creating my online journal.

This blog has also changed how I approach knitting. Writing and posting has given me the confidence to advance my knitting skills. Being a self taught knitter made me feel nervous about my projects and not part of the “real” knitter’s community. I am slowly evolving from being anxious about final results to enjoying the process. I also have a better idea of the kind of projects that suit my skills.

I feel fortunate for being able to enjoy my knitting and having the freedom to write about it! Now my thoughts are public matter - for the record!

PS - I LOVE THIS PRINT from VioletMay via Etsy. Freedom, joy, colors, adventure- all in this print. Yes, is on my wish list.

Ice Queen Print via VioletMay Etsy store

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