Resolutions. I can do that. Can I?

I am so excited to start a fresh year. Lots of resolutions spinning in my head. I thought putting it out here will make me somehow accountable:
  • no drinking during January. Those happy hours with the girls are starting to "high-five" me from down my belly button. Baby steps. Just one month.
  • no sweets during January. Re read above.
  • one block per month to be later converted into a blanket.
  • organization. Will see if planning vs reacting makes me a tin more relaxed.
  • continue laughing, enjoying, relaxing. I will not leave this resolution for next year. No way.
  • knit, knit and more knit
What are you up to?

This print goes perfect with those resolutions. Love its simplicity. It is from happydeliveries none less. Really nice!

Letterpress print from happydeliveries via Etsy

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  1. I love your idea of knitting one block per month to later be knitted into a blanket! I think I'll try this one, too. It really demonstrates the idea of doing a little bit at a time, and how that eventually grows into something larger :)