FO: Baktus

Baktus no. 2 is done. I am so tempted to cast on this again. This project is so flexible that  you cannot wrong with it. Choose whatever yarn, knit with a glass of wine close by and you would be the proud owner of a Baktus in a snap. You can even practice your German, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian or Spanish as the pattern has been translated in all these languages. Isn't that nice?

My mother kindly accepted to model the Baktus for me. 

Changing topics, we have been up and down - literally. Yesterday morning I played a tennis match at Cumming. That is an hour north of Atlanta. Sadly, my partner and I lost in the second round of the playoffs. It takes "skeins" to admit that the opponents were better players and deserved the win. Later at night, the Mr. and I headed to a birthday bash in Peachtree City. That is an hour south of Atlanta. A fun crowd, karaoke and some rum helped me recover and prepare for the week ahead.

What have you been doing to re charge batteries?

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  1. Your Baktus is very nice! Lovely colors! Did you try knitting in Spanish, Italian and Dutch? I already find it difficult knitting in French which is my mother tongue. The terms are so different! Lately, I've recharging my batteries by starting to run a little more often (like 2-3 miles per week)...