Pollen has nothing to do with yarn bombing

Atlanta is covered in a lovely shade of yellow. Yesterday’s pollen count set a record high. Given the choice, I would rather cover myself with Malabrigo than with pollen.

What else is going on? Well, knitting or crocheting with balloons is “in”. Did you know about a knitter that has been yarn bombing the Big Apple? Look no more and please meet Agata Olek. Mrs. Olek is a Polish knitting and crochet artist with a bulky resume. She exhibits her art in New York City, where she lives.

All images above are from agataolek.com

Need more? Check her website or her “Synthetic Nature” exhibition at the Krause Gallery in NYC. Her latest work is about crocheting with balloons. Pretty cool!

I know my limitations. I need to master knitting with yarn before moving into something else. And, I am shy…so yarn bombing is not for me unless I can remain anonymous. What do you think?

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  1. I love yarn bombing..only when others are doing it. I am like you, I would be to scared to do it on my own.
    It is always better to cover yourself with Malabrigo. Didn't you know it is the cure all?! :)

  2. I wouldn't dare yarn bomb either, I feel the same way about it as you do. But I really do love seeing it when other people make it. Also, it is a waste of perfectly good yarn!

  3. Oh, pollen. Lovely artist though:)