WIP: Avocado scarf

Do you know Jane Richmond? Me neither! In my ideal world she would be in my knitting group, we would go to the park with our daughters and she would teach me a thing or two about knitting. In my Raverly - and real - world, Jane Richmond and her Mustard Scarf are in my projects page.

The pattern has four very easy rows. Disclaimer: If there is a toddler in the house, this can quickly become an eight rows project:

Row 1: Per pattern
Row 2: Baby, is not a good idea to (insert anything here)...
Row 3: Per row two of the pattern
Row 4: Oh, oh, oh, wait, please don't (insert anything here)...
Row 5: Per row three of the pattern
Row 6: No worries, we will clean (insert anything here) after mommy finishes this row
Row 7: Per row four of the pattern
Row 8: What the....unravel, smile, give her a big hug and wait until nap time to continue...

I see more Jane Richmond's patterns in my future. Her designs are gorgeous, simple and very stylish!

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  1. That is one of my favorite colors of all time! This scarf is going to be beautiful! Heehee, and I love your version of the pattern, I can totally imagine that happening.

  2. I love Jane Richmond. I have only knit her hat patterns, but I think she is a genius! Love your new scarf, that color is yum.

  3. Gorgeous pattern! I have learnt something new :-)

  4. Hahah...awh, nap time is good news at your house sometimes I'm sure! You make me really need to get back into knitting. I've been way too focused on sewing lately!

  5. Beautiful! And very funny (and realistic) pattern as knitted by very distracted mom. :-)