Taking breaks to knit...

I am not a fan of eating lunch at my desk. The days seem longer when I do so. My perfect lunch involves taking a break from the computer screen and water cooler conversations. It could be going out with a co worker or by myself; discovering a new restaurant or just sitting at the park. These past weeks I have been going to Piedmont Park. It’s the Central Park of Atlanta. Piedmont Park is very close to where I work...and is beautiful! I can always find a shaded spot where to eat, knit and people watch. So relaxing!

These mittens commuted with me a couple of days. They were perfect for my lunch break - a portable and mindless project. Besides, it seems to me that ninety something degrees is the perfect weather to knit a winter accessory.

We are heading south for a couple of days. Amelia Island is awaiting for us. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. I can't wait to take our toddler back to the beach. She had so much fun the first time around. Her parents learned a lot from that first trip. This time we will tow beach toys so we don't have to improvise with plastic cups or force her to make friends with the family next door (so she can play with their kid's toys). We will carry a nice selection of Elmo and Curious George's DVDs. We even have a beach umbrella that can take care of an extended family. In other words, we will be over packing like good first time parents dealing with terrible two's. Wish us luck.

Ah, yes...I'm packing my Colonnade shawl. Is going well this 1 1/2 time around. I am starting over the lace section. Nothing wrong with the pattern. I blame the Olympics for my oops- specially gymnastics and swimming.

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Lovely knit projects. Sounds like you are on to something great: a summer filled with lovely time spend doing fun things & giving yourself time to reflect & enjoy!

  2. What a wonderful way to take a work break. These mitts are beautiful as is the start of your shawl. Can't wait to see it finished!