One can never have too many hats

You know those days when all you want to do is crash early in bed? I’ve been having too many of those. Fire drills at work, sick daughter, not much knitting time complete my update. That’s all the blah for this post. Let’s get to the good stuff: wool!
I’ve been oooing and ahhing the many projects completed with this hat pattern. It was time to cast on. I am aiming towards a nice slouchy hat. The pompom is still in debate. 

Knitting with worsted yarn on size US 10 6.00 mm needles goes by faster than sound. Hopefully this little project will get my Soay mojo back. I still need to work on a sleeve and neckline. Is not that I’m racing anyone. I was knitting along with Bethany but as wonderful as she is we will see an FO post anytime now. Way to go Bethany!
PS-I'm having all kind of troubles formatting this post! Hopefully you can see the images centered. Wait! Who's that?  Wordpress is knocking on my door :-)

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  1. That is a lovely hat pattern and I like your yarn choice. Get moving on the's going to be beautiful. Lol. I know it's hard to have energy when your children are sick. I hope your daughter gets better soon.

  2. You are so right, you can never have too many hats. Good luck with all of the fire drills and sick little love.
    Beautiful progress on your knits.

  3. Go go go on your Soay! It's going to be great!