Back home with two FOs

My husband and I are back home after spending some nice days in South Carolina.

Highlights of the trip:

Touring the only BMW manufacturing plant in North America
Strolling around downtown Greenville
Discovering a well stocked Spartanburg's farmers market
Visiting an alpaca farm--this one deserves an entire post (later!)

Since my last post, I finished two hats for the Charity Hat-Along.  I used a 54% wool / 46% polyester yarn blend from a big box craft store. I am pleased with how the yarn worked for the hats. Both hats, Barley and Cottage Cap were easy and enjoyable. Barley went faster as it involved less purling. I would knit the entire Tin Can Knits Simple collection without hesitation!

That is my weekly report. Hope you are having a blast with whatever is on your needles, hook, wheel, spindle, loom, yarn bowl, etc.

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