Weekend plans

I am ready to ply my first ever three-ply yarn. The fiber was a souvenir from a recent road trip. Bought it from Northwoods Farm in Inman, South Carolina. 

As a self taught spinner, I rely heavily on the "webs" for instruction/demos. These are fabulous plying resources:
Sometimes I wish nothing more than to take my knitting/spinning endeavors to a secluded area--where I can enjoy my music, breathe fresh air, and indulge in some kind of bbq lunch.

With the temperatures averaging the 30-40's, looks like I will have to ply the yarn inside my home--with the dirty laundry starring at me.

(Edited to correct farm name)

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  1. How did the plying go? your spinning looks gorgeous!

  2. I survived my first attempt at three-ply yarn! Thanks for stopping by, Kate!