Another week, another shawl

This pattern cannot be more simple; endless garter stitches with purl rows here and there. Some might find this very boring. I decided it was a perfect source of relaxation after hectic workdays. Call it garter therapy.

The yarn is the protagonist. Tern is, like other Quince & Co. yarns, a pleasure to knit with. The shawl is light and easy to wear. I think it will transition well into Spring.

I love the wrong side of the shawl...apparently...hmm...see above for details :-)

Pattern: The Big Blue by Meg Gadsbey
Ravelry project page: here

(Public service announcement: dark chocolate is full of antioxidants = good for you, good for me!)

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  1. That looks like a perfect sized scarf to wear! I have yet to try's hard to find in Canada. I bet it's great.

  2. Garter therapy sounds like a great way to relax. I'm a fan of knitting up plain socks. It's kinda the same as garter therapy... mostly knit stitches.