Etsy Love - Wood Edition

Dump the plastic; adopt a cute sheep needle gauge
Image from Girlontherocks via Etsy
We all deserve a nice bowl (not a ziplock bag!)

Image from BowlWorx via Etsy
What my shawl needs? A reclaimed wood shawl pin....

Image from the Woodlot via Etsy
Go ahead; cast on. Keep track with this lovely notebook...

Image from Quotesandnotes via Etsy

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  1. Wonderful crafty accessories! My favorite is definitely the sheep needle gauge, so adorable!

  2. If only I had the money to buy my wants! The sheep gauge is so cute.

  3. I could live on Etsy given half the chance. I love all these wooden goodies you have shared. The yarn bowl will quickly be going on my list of must haves!