WIP: My Madeleine

A couple of weeks ago, I declared my crush with Vintage Modern Knits. Guess what? It's is still going strong. I can't get my hands off my Madeleine shawl. This is a garter based stitch pattern with picot on the edges. Is another four row pattern. Yes, I did it again.

The suggested yarn is Road to China from The Fibre Company but I am using organic cotton that I had on hand. It feels very appropriate for the spring – I'm trying to convince myself!

I would love to knit this shawl again with variegated yarn or using two colors inspired by this shawl from Jill at Project 111.

This week I am also in a hunt for the perfect button for this scarf. Is off the needles and ready to be shown. Pictures to follow soon.

Happy spring knitting (cleaning can wait!).

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  1. Oh wow, yes I can definitely see why you would be able to put that project down. It is beautiful and I can only imagine how soft and buttery feeling the cotton must be.

  2. You make me miss knitting! I just restarted a project I went very wrong with last winter FINALLY!! I'm excited to be on the right track again.

    1. Can't wait to see your WIP!!

  3. Oh that is beautiful Monica! Good call on the color. That would indeed a difficult pattern to put down.

  4. It's going to be gorgeous! Can't wait to see how it turns out in the end.