Anyone out there? Probably not as I have done a lousy job keeping this blog current.

I have an excuse. September was a heck of a month: (1) I injured my back to the point that I could barely move. Although X-rays showed nothing in my bones, I am still in pain. I was referred to physical therapy; I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a rather speedy recovery! My heart is also aching as tennis cannot be part of my routine for now. I don't remember missing a season since I started competing in 2008. I miss spending long hours exercising, chatting and drinking beers with my dear friends and partners in crime.  To add to the frustrations: (2) the past month was brutal at work not only because September is always the busiest time but because we were short on help. Two people doing what five should do doesn't sound right. We managed; is October now, right?

Knitting continued to be a mood saver. I can report that both my Gemini and Checkerboard Scarf are done. I just have to weave in ends and block.

There are a few stash enhancements and projects to share...but this post is getting long and therefore, the pity session must end. All I want to do now is....I guess this is the new "pajama party" for many!

Credits: "Keep Calm Knit" print by xovica
Etsy listing here

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  1. I look forward to see your FOs! Good luck with your back and work...

  2. I am sorry you have had such a tough time. I hope you're feeling better soon.

    1. Double thanks Christine --for the get well wishes and for leaving a comment. I got to discover your blog. You have a new follower :-)

    2. Thank just made my day!