Daylight saving time = extra knitting hour?

I am half way done with the charity blanket. Last night I knitted into the wee hours because I wanted to get  to this point. After all, I would have an extra hour of sleep today. Yeah, right! Wishful thinking. I have learned the hard way that toddlers couldn't care less about daylight saving time. My main goals when she is awake are to prevent disasters, enjoy our bonding time and provide for post tantrum care. If anything else gets done then it was an extraordinary day. That being said, all I can show now is the yarn that I am using for the blanket. Is not cashmere or cotton just an acrylic blend. I am trying to be practical; experience tells me that no one wants to hand wash when there is a sweet baby around. Unless you are being paid for but that would be a separate post.  Anyhow, the colors are so beautiful that make up for any Ms. Zimmerman anti man made yarn moment. I picked green and violet in an effort to be neutral.

Now, let's all get ready for the week ahead.

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