It ain't easy being green...

How you start a post about a project (almost) finished ages ago?  Is not as easy as it sounds to take pictures and hit publish with a two year old clinging to your leg. I'm just saying. So how about a short and sweet post?

After sewing a button, which took three minutes, this scarf went from WIP to FO. You already know about my love for this Jane Richmond pattern...

There are other WIPs that I cannot wait to share here. Is so nice when my knits go according to the plan and the pattern! A cowl and a baby sweater are awaiting time in front of the camera. Until that happens, have a wonderful time with your yarn cakes!

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  1. Oh lovely! I know how that goes! I've got so many UFOs hanging out on my desk it's insane. And many of them could probably be finished in an hour or less if I actually picked them up!

    1. Sometimes the last stretch is the most difficult. Hope you are feeling better!

  2. Ah it looks so warm and cuddly! Perfect for Fall!

  3. Beautiful knit Monica! Love the button choice. I agree with you Jane Richmond is a fantastic designer.

  4. Lovely! I really like that button.