Knitting Channels

I'll put it in a silver plate - making it shamefully easy for everyone to tease me: I did not know about the YouTube channels!! My bubble just exploded, apparently. Call me nerdy, but I am thinking of how to divide and conquer.  I want to read, listen and watch everything. But I still want a life outside the web. And, I need to keep my day job and my family attended.

My new plan is to organize blogs with Google Reader, listen to podcasts while knitting or commuting and watch one or two videos a day. I am trying to be my own mother - limiting the candy at the house.

Here are channels that I have subscribed to:
 Are you following any knitting or craft channel? How do you keep up with all the content?

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  1. I have to admit, I'm largely ignorant of the youtube world as well. But it looks as though you have stumbled upon some great channels. I really like some of Berroco's videos.