WIP: A baby...cardigan

There is a baby in the making. Not mine. A friend is expecting her second child; a baby boy that should arrive as an early Christmas present.

She likes to crochet; I love to knit. I have not seen any of her projects. She has never seen one of mine...yet. 

Some baby sweaters = instant gratification. The Little Coffee Bean Cardigan fits the bill. It also looks super cute in stripes.

(If you are following my blog, you have noticed that I'm just the opposite as Andi from "My sister's knitter" in terms of monogamy. Fingers crossed all my WIPS will be done in this decade).

I'm liking to "Tamis Amis WIPs". Go check out other WIPs here.

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  1. aww so adorable. I'm in love with baby knits! I'm in the middle of a stripey baby cardigan but i hit a hiccup in the pattern and have stalled out. we must be twins because since then I've knit like 7 other things!! woops. time to get back to it i think!

  2. Awwww. Very cute! You might just have to make that baby a matching hat and another little sweater! And you'll need a trip to the LYS for that ; )

  3. It is so cute! What a nice shade of blue for a baby!

  4. a very sweet gift! baby sweaters are so gratifying because they're so quick!

  5. thanks all for your kind comments! it means a lot as I admire your knits and enjoy your blogs so much!