Vacation & changes

We just got back from our mini in-state vacation. Since last anniversary went well and we are still happily married - we repeated the vacation to the spa. Truth is that we had a wonderful time. Just the two of us. I can't put into words how much the third family member was missed. Sometimes we wish for a break from our little bundle of energy. Then, when we do get a break, we miss her SO much. We couldn't help but to talk about her almost non stop. Just remembering our everyday...

a couple of days ago...

me: No jumping on the couch
DD: (wondering how to jump higher)
me: do you want to go on time out?
DD: yes
us: walk quietly and peacefully to the time out corner
DD: sat & immediately open her mouth and cry out loud for the next five minutes
me: (thinking: but I asked...and you said yes!)

Getting a facial was very relaxing. Being so blessed to have her in my life is priceless.

Hope you have a wonderful week. I'm predicting mine will be interesting - as when anyone starts a new gig. Same company - totally new to me business and team. Wish me well and keep knitting. Your projects are part of my yoga program.

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  1. I agree, couple time is so important and cherished and yet it can feel like a part of you is missing because your wee one is not there. :)
    They are bundles of energy at this age for sure.
    I wish you every success in your new role. Hugs, sam xxx

    1. Thanks Sam! Hugs to you and Naomi!

  2. Oh, sounds like a lot of fun! Nice to get a break from little ones sometimes, even though they have their moments of sweetness:)

  3. Beautiful images Monica!
    Hoping you are finding come time with your own knitting. Good luck on the new gig.

    1. Thanks Andi! There was no knitting for me this first week...but hopefully things will calm down a bit next week.