Spinning FO: Bornite Mixed BFL

I am so proud of this handspun yarn. The colors make me happy.

Inspired by this post in the Hello Yarn Ravelry board, I separated the fiber into faux lags. Called faux because these are pre-drafted bites of roving. Special tools or fiber batts are not needed. There are plenty of videos in YouTube that demonstrate how to do this.

The fiber is BFL from Fiber Charmer in the Bornite colorway. I don't know how many wraps per inch the yarn is. Shhh, I haven't washed the skeins yet. So, technically this is not an FO! Forgive me this one and the tons to follow.

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  1. I love these colors, separate and together. Lovely.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I've discovered your blog thanks to this comment!!