FO: Gemini

I would like to meet another knitter that loses interest in the projects at almost the finish line. I cannot be the only one in this boat. I have the bad habit of casting on something when all I should be doing is blocking a project to call it done. Is this knitting ADD?

My poor Gemini was just blocked. It has been inside a project bag most of its life. Don't know why--because I do like it. If fits well. Is a functional piece. What is wrong with me??

This is a free pattern designed by the talented Jane Richmond. The lace portion gave me hiccups but the rest was easy peasy to knit. And, as suspected, there is nothing wrong with the pattern. Evidenced by the 1,300 projects on Ravelry.

I see a second Gemini with long sleeves in my future. Project details: here.

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  1. It looks lovely. Doesn't it feel great to finish a project that you have had laying around for some time. Congrats!

    1. Thanks Christine. I does feel good. I have some other WIPs that deserve me attention; must make finishing a habit :-)