How I knit. How you knit.

How I knit
I am a slow knitter. I knit English style.

How I want to knit
I want to knit faster. I want to learn Continental style.

How you knit
Love watching knitters on the short Instagram videos tagged #howIknit and #seemeknit

If you have not checked out Instagram yet, do not wait any longer. Is fascinating how stories are told without many words. It is a great source of inspiration!

I am sweetpurls on Instagram. 

What I am knitting?
Pin Stripe Socks. Details here.

Keep your skeins close; have a great weekend!

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  1. (Modified) english knitter here, I'd like to learn continental knitting too sometime!
    Let's find a nice ribbed knit project and just practice. 8D
    I haven't heard of #seemeknit before, maybe I can contribute(and expose the weird way I make stuff to the world..oops).

    1. I'm game; let's find a pattern and learn Continental. A totally relaxed KAL. Perhaps we can tag our projects with #seemelearn or #firstContinental. Thanks for stopping by!!

    2. Hell yeah
      Well I looked at our queues and it looks like we have a lot of sock plans in common! like
      Vanilla Latte Which seems mild enough to be a good one to start with!
      Irish Wellington Socks I had one planned to start working on next week, but it's in black yarn which may make things difficult? But worsted weight/dk could be a better bet for learning comfortably!
      and Rye because, gosh isn't it gorgeous? The garter stitch at the top looks like great opportunity for practicing knit and purl.

  2. I never knew of this tag on Instagram! I will have to check it out!

    I guess I would consider myself a continental knitter though I find myself sometimes throwing the yarn so I will be a hybrid of the two styles :P. I hold the yarn in my left hand though. I know the feeling about wanting to knit faster, sometimes I see videos on YouTube of people speed knitting and I realize how quickly I could use up my stash!

    1. I guess we all have developed our own styles, which is fine if it works for us. The problem is that my current style is not ergonomic. I need to find a better technique so can I knit longer and perhaps faster. Yes, I've seen those videos in YouTube...fascinating! Thanks for stopping by Nika!