FO: Hats of 2012

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day or plain Thursday, depending on your location.

I finished these hats a long time ago but waited until I had modeled pictures to post here. Well, my daughter did not sit still; the sheepy did. Let's debut the hats and move on.

The hats are 100% cotton. Not the warmest but good enough for short walks.

Yeah, gauge is important. Notice how well this toddler hat fits me. My heart is young but I'm not a baby.

I have my eye on these patterns for when the next hat fever attacks:
Stay warm!

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  1. Regardless of the fit, these hats are lovely!
    I have knit Meret and it is a great pattern. can't wait to see what you decide on.
    Have a lovely day!

  2. You are so sweet my friend! I am not too frustrated about the (lack of) fitting. These days knitting is more about the product than the end process. Thanks for stopping by :-)

    1. okay my brain is twisted; I meant, knitting is more about the process than the end product. Oops.