One of those days...but there is yarn!

It has been one of those days for me! My brain took the "vacation mode" too seriously. As in having to frog a WIP after 14 rows of 426 stitches each. Is not a WIP anymore! I was too engaged with this new to me podcast and forgot to follow the pattern. Yup! As painful as it was, I quickly moved on to some other pleasures: lunch and retail therapy. I did eat yummy Latin American lunch. But wait, there is more. I also crashed my car on my way to pleasure number two. No one was hurt. Nothing that a couple of thousands dollar can't fix. Just plain sad and frustrating.

After an eventful half of the day, I decided to stay put and check some blogs. And then I read this post.

Is not about falling but getting back on your feet. Is about learning from mistakes, remaining humble and being grateful for what you have! Like my beautiful and healthy family. My stressful job that keep my brain in shape (at least five days a week). A loving husband that buys yarn for me while on business trips!! Yeah, yarn heals. We all know that!


This is what I got on Thursday when he came back home. Apparently, the ladies from Looped Yarn Works recognized him as the guy who buys yarn for his girl. I said that I wanted some Quince & Co. Chickadee. The Wandering Wool was a lovely surprise that he added to the package. He asked for something I couldn't easily get in Atlanta. The ladies advised him well. How cool is that the dyer was at the store when it all happened!

Enjoy what's left of the weekend. S**t happens. But there is always yarn to help us bounce back!

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  1. Coming out of lurk to say that I'm glad you were not hurt and I love, love, love, "s**t happens. But there is always yarn to help us bounce back!"

    So true!!!!

  2. Love this post Monica. It is very true that not all of us share our day to day crap. Thank you for sharing yours. Of course I am so glad that you were not hurt in your acccident!
    Well done hubby on providing some much needed yarn therapy. He is a gem. I can't wait to see what these lovelies will become.

  3. What a fantastic fella. Hang in there. Glad you're safe and now surrounded by yarn.

  4. What a lovely husband you have! Yummy yarn! We are often very demanding of life. We have so much compared to so many people on this planet...