Back to reality

The husband and I took a mini break from work, parenthood and metro area chaos. We drove back to town yesterday--feeling renovated and ready to resume adult responsibilities :-)

I am in love with Asheville, the Smoky Mountains and North Carolina's endless fiber possibilities. How cool is to combine social responsibility and fiber? Well done EcoView Fiber Mill.  How about a wonderful craft shop? I dream to come back to these lands soon! Maybe for my second Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair (SAFF)?

Of course, I picked up a fiber item or two as souvenirs. I'll show them later. I now need to prepare for what promise to be one of the busiest week at work. Fun times ahead. Have a wonderful week, my friends!

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  1. tease! i want to see the spoils!

    btw you're the second person who recently told me Asheville might be a good visit for me. i need to put it on our list.

  2. Love the images. Glad you were able to have a mini get-away.
    I so want to see the souvenirs! :)