FO: Spinning the white elephant

I bought lots of "practice" fiber when I got the wheel. Mostly solid colors. Common sense is not always my companion. It didn't take me long to realize that spinning a one color fiber was not too exciting.

How to deal with the white elephant in the room? My genius plan was to buy more fiber so I can hide the elephant. Then, I checked how to make dryer balls. I also googled how to spin super bulky fiber. Common sense waived again and after cursing a bit (don't judge) I spun the fiber without a plan! And to my surprise, I love the results.

Plying two colors was a fun experiment. I ended up with ~ 350 yards, thin and thick heavy worsted weight. I would like to turn this into a honey cowl or something along the lines.

From four ounces of purple fiber I got around 270 yards of a sport weight...and some mini skeins that I didn't dare to measure.

There is still more "practice" fiber in the house. I will save that for the next tantrum.

Besides working on my attitude towards past purchases, my other big 2014 goal is going back to tennis! I miss the competition, being out with my team as well as being in shape. I just don't want spinning fiber to be my only exercise. My fiber goals stay the same: knit/spin whatever I want, whenever I can! No fuss crafting!

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  1. i love love love the red barberpole yarn! i think a honey cowl will be perfect! good for you for getting past some of that old fiber.

  2. Beautiful spinning! The red honey cowl will be gorgeous!