FO: Not actually Pin stripes socks --but close to!

Gooool! Or game, set, match? FIFA World Cup or Wimbledon--what matters is that these socks are done!

The pattern is called "Pin Stripes" and is free (and popular) over at Ravelry. The yarn is a 75/25 wool and nylon blend. Lion Brand apparently finished the yarn with Aloe Vera. Whatever that means my friends. It certainly does not knit any different than any other commercial sock yarn.

The pattern is a level up in the "spiciness chart" as compared to plain vanilla socks.

Other Pin Stripe socks that caught my eye:
Have fun with that wool my friends!

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  1. Your socks are gorgeous! It is such a lovely pattern and simple way to add a little texture to your socks, right?
    Thank you for your sweet compliments, I am so far from being a master sock knitter. You are lovely.

  2. Loving the look of these, they look like a welcome step ahead in interesting-ness from my simple stockinette sock habit. :D

  3. Love those socks... perfect pattern for that yarn too! :)