What's with the purple?

When you are non sock knitter, every completed pair is a victory. I just finished the second Crazy Zauberball sock!!

I was one pair of socks short on the three I planned to knit last year. Rather than being defeated, I opted for extending the time frame of such goals. I am the boss of my knitting :-)

My three pairs of socks are somehow the same colors. Totally unplanned, but amusing.

I also finished spinning, plying and washing the Merino fiber. I got close to 480 yards. I am looking for a good matching color for a shawl. A bright fuchsia might look good.

Hope that you are having fun with your wool. Have a great day!

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  1. During these busy times, I count every stitch as a victory. Those socks are out of this world beautiful!
    Purple is fabulous and that is what is up with it. :)

  2. I love the colour theme in your three socks :) And indeed, you are the boss of your knitting which makes knitting a much more pleasant experience :)

  3. All the socks are so pretty...you will enjoy wearing them. I am all for extending deadlines! Good idea.

  4. there is always something so comforting about hand knit socks. As soon as I get this darn lace scarf off my needles, socks are next and I can hardly wait!